The South Skye Seas Initiative emerged from Sleat's successful campaign to keep the three south Skye sea lochs free of fish farms.

With the threat of polluting industrial fish farms in our lochs we wanted to grasp the opportunity to improve our knowledge of their fabulous biodiversity and then protect it from harmful developments. 

You can find out why we are opposed to net-cage salmon farms at the Scottish Salmon Think-Tank website HERE as well as discover alternative ways for farming fish (even salmon) using environmentally safe practice: Closed, contained, recirculating tank systems (fish) and Aquaponics (fish, fruit and vegetables all in one).

We are investigating the setting up an aquaponics fish/veg farm somewhere in South Skye and hope that will lead to other local fish farms of the same sort springing up all over Scotland, serving their communities, hotels and restaurants with the very best of fresh local produce that has travelled a minimum distance to reach the plate. At present this has to be considered a dream, but not entirely unrealistic.






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